Estimates are that one out of 500 school-age children will be hospitalized with head injuries each year.

The CDC reports that falls cause half of traumatic brain injuries in children aged 0 to 14 years. When children are very young, they fall off of beds, changing tables, and down stairs. When they get older, they fall at playgrounds, and playing sports.

Parents may be surprised, with all the attention paid to football injuries and concussions, that for children 13 and under, bicycling is the leading cause of sports-related head injuries. Bicycling causes about 40,000 head injuries annually in this age-group, compared to about 22,000 for football.

How do you know when a head injury is serious?

Even if children don’t lose consciousness and don’t show immediate behavioral changes, head injuries can still have occurred. Experts recommend calling your doctor for any head injury that isn’t a simple bump. Many symptoms will emerge within the first day and a half, so do watch your child for signs that include: vomiting, dizziness, nausea, headache, fatigue, swelling and bruising at the site, irritability or memory loss.
Younger children may not be able to tell you specifically how they’re feeling, so be observant.

How A Brain Injury Lawyer Can Help

If someone else is at fault for the injury, it’s important that you contact a brain injury expert as soon as possible. Amidst your emotional challenges and concern, an experienced and caring attorney can help you gather evidence, talk to witnesses, and preserve medical records.

An experienced brain injury attorney can also help you be sure you’re getting the testing and treatments your child needs. Some doctors and facilities may only administer standard tests and not be aware of more sophisticated testing and technology that is available.

If another person is at fault, they will likely be liable for your child’s medical expenses. This includes all current medical expenses and treatments – but it should also cover any future needs. As children grow, and their brains continue to grow, damage that you weren’t previously aware of may surface. This can happen if the damage was to a certain area of the brain that the child, at their development stage, wasn’t actively using yet.

Experienced head injury attorneys will have qualified medical experts to advise you on what to expect to properly treat and care for your child’s injuries. You will want to factor in all possible expenses before making any kind of settlement to ensure proper care for your child.

There are several functional areas that children with traumatic brain injury may encounter after an injury and/or as they grow. These could include problems in communicating, learning new information, spatial orientation, controlling impulses, focus and attention, completing tasks, handling anger, social conversation and skills, and other mental and emotional problems.

For children with brain injuries who will require ongoing if not lifetime rehabilitation, therapy and support services, structured settlements are a good option to consider. Both sides will agree to a lump sum to cover future medical and living needs. That amount is then paid out in an instrument like an annuity, and can be designed to cover a certain number of years or a lifetime, depending on each case. An attorney experienced in this area can help you get a settlement that secures your child’s future.

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