More than half of veterans return from combat with scars on their brain, a new study has found. Brain scarring, or white matter, was found in 52 percent of combat vets, Healthline reports. The Radiological Society of America performed MRI scans on the brains of more than 800 service men and women to find these results.

Brain injuries like scarring often cause sleep issues, headaches, fatigue, memory loss and irritability. Some symptoms show up right away, while others may not surface until long after the damage has been done. The research being conducted at Walter Reed Medical Center for this study will help doctors understand key differences between TBI and PTSD. The two are extremely common in veterans and are often mistaken for each other. Given how prevalent brain injuries are in combat veterans, some suggest compulsory scans for every returning service member.

Our military servicemen and women work hard to protect our country and should be given the best care possible for brain injuries. Much of the brain is still a mystery to doctors, but with the health of our veterans on the line, we owe it to them to work towards treatments and cures.

We represent brain injury victims who have suffered due to the negligence of others. Such injuries are all too common – they can happen in car accidents, by slipping and falling on an icy driveway or being struck by a vehicle while out walking or biking. Brain injuries have long-reaching ramifications that doctors are really only beginning to understand. Having our team represent you and your best interests can mean a world of difference in a life post brain injury.

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