For years, concussions have been dismissed by coaches, parents and athletes alike. “Getting your bell rung” was all a part of the nature of sports, and if you didn’t simply shake off the unsteady feeling of a concussion, you were often perceived to be overreacting. The reality is that every concussion is, in fact, a traumatic brain injury. Doctors and scientists are only just learning of the long-term damage that can be done to the brain when it is struck hard.

It’s the subject of a new movie starring Will Smith – a movie that some say shines a spotlight on the dangers NFL players face for the sake of their careers. The film, “Concussion,” certainly has everyone talking.

It’s not just athletes who need to worry: In an article for the Huffington Post, a woman recalls a scary incident outside her apartment building. She slipped on ice, hit her head on the pavement, and suffered a severe concussion, not to mention whiplash, spinal damage and a dislocated sternum. These injuries would mean several years of recovery for her as she tried to cope with symptoms like memory loss and confusion. The scariest part? There’s no telling how these injuries could effect her in the long term.

As more research is done in the field of traumatic brain injuries, scientists, doctors and parents can make more informed decisions about treatment and prevention. In the meantime, use what we know to help protect your kids and loved ones. Make sure they’re always wearing the proper safety gear on the field, especially if they play a contact sport like football. Take injuries seriously, and if you have any doubts about your child’s safety, discuss your worries with the coach.

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