A new study has determined a link between concussions and an increased chance of suicide. Researchers have discovered that people who have suffered concussions are three times more likely to commit suicide than the rest of the population. The findings from the study were recently published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal and on medicaldaily.com.

The study highlights a problem that many doctors had seen in both professional athletes and in military service men and women. Not restricted to just those demographics, the risks of suicide increase for people of all walks of life after they experience a brain injury. Risks increased regardless of previous psychiatric condition, too.

It sounds strange, but researchers determined that people who sustained concussions on weekends were more likely to commit suicide than those who were injured on week days. One theory suggests that people injured on weekends are likely to be participating in sports or other hobbies and might be more inclined to shrug off head injuries, while injuries sustained on week days are more likely to occur in the work place where protocols require employees to get checked out by a doctor.

What can we learn from this study? Everyone – parents, athletes, coaches and anyone with head injuries – need to take TBI more seriously. For decades, head injuries were dismissed as “getting your bell rung” and athletes were often instructed by coaches to “shake it off.” Now, every bump must be taken seriously: it could be a matter of life or death.

Why a person chooses to commit suicide is never clear, but understanding the connection between brain injuries and thoughts of suicide could help us prevent more tragedies from occurring. If you or a loved one have sustained a concussion in the past, be sure to speak with your doctor about monitoring changing symptoms even years after the initial injury.

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