Lamar Odom, Huffington Post

The big headline for the past few days has been Lamar Odom, former NBA player, who remains on life support in a hospital in Las Vegas. The famous athlete is known to have consumed a number of questionable substances before he was discovered, unresponsive, on the floor. Most people tend to assume that brain damage stems from a forceful physical impact, such as a car crash, but there are many possible causes.

It’s no secret that drugs alter the perceptions of those who use them. It is less commonly known that some drugs can cause neurological damage – drugs such as cocaine, rohypnol (roofies), MDMA and Methamphetamines. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, possible negative side effects of such drugs include seizures, strokes and general damage affecting everyday life. It’s alarming to learn that one ‘fun weekend’ could lead to permanent brain damage, not to mention death.

As tragic as Odom’s situation is, our local Virginia communities can learn from it. There are numerous synthetic and cocktail drugs available in the Hampton Roads area, drugs that are not tested or approved, with absolutely no long-term research to look to. Some of these products are available in stores, and of course online. With so many unknown substances being marketed to us constantly, it is inevitable that injuries will occur. We can only hope that we collectively recognize the danger associated with such products, and keep praying for Odom’s recovery.

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