A new study has revealed just how dangerous football can be for young student athletes. Researchers scanned the brains of 45 high school football players before and after their fall season. Players also wore special helmets to record hits and gather other data. By the end of the season, no player had suffered a concussion – but researchers still found evidence of brain injury.

Richmondregister.com reports that the white matter in the brain is changed each time a player’s head is struck. Experts have called for limitations on the number of hits a student can take per game or practice. Other sports have adopted such rules to keep their players safe; young pitchers can only throw so many pitches before being pulled from a baseball game, ensuring their arms are not being harmed.

Though other concussions are certainly also likely in sports like soccer and hockey, experts say the difference comes down to strategy. Accidents may happen in other sports, but football is the only game where striking something with your head is part of your strategy to win. The simple nature of the sport is likely to increase the chance of injury to the brain.

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