A Virginia Tech professor and his family have settled with Carilion Clinic for $1.8 million following a procedure that left their daughter permanently brain damaged. The family brought their 21-month-old daughter into the hospital with pneumonia, organ failure and respiratory distress, but reports indicate that she was alert and playful before her surgery. Tragically, the toddler suffered cardiac arrest during surgery after not responding to the single-lung ventilation. The lawsuit argues that the surgery should have stopped when it became obvious that the baby girl was not tolerating the ventilation method.

When we take our loved ones to the hospital, we expect nothing short of the best care possible. When that care doesn’t go as planned, the hospital should be held liable for the mistakes they made. This case illustrates just how much power healthcare providers have over their patients lives. The little girl will suffer life-long medical problems because of the negligence and poor decisions made by the doctors. Though this award money will certainly help cover loss of income and long-term medical care, her hardest days are likely still ahead of her.

The Carilion Clinc has not assumed responsibility for their negligence, but have instead settled with the family. The doctors denied liability but worried about the uncertainty of a jury trial.

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