The Daily Finance recently ran an article detailing how one families’ smart spending helped them survive one of their members suffering a traumatic brain injury. The victim in the story suffered his injury after falling 20 feet while at work. He was placed on disability, where he would earn his salary but would not receive any raises. Since he was injured at the age of 27, this may have represented a substantial reduction in his lifelong earning potential.

Many families in this situation would find their dreams perpetually on hold. However, the family at the center of the Daily Finance’s story had turned saving and smart spending into a friendly competition before the husband’s injury. All of their finances were automated through Quicken and allocated into different categories– bills, savings, Christmas, etc. They also gave each other a weekly allowance, but if they went over the spending limit they would have to explain it. Their frugalness allowed them to achieve many of their objectives despite the husband’s work accident. For example, they were eventually able to put down enough money to purchase the house they had been saving for from the beginning.

Still, the injury caused its fair share of difficulties for the family. The family’s savings dissipated from $20,000 before the recovery process began to $3,000 afterwards, though some of this will be repaid through disability back payment. The husband suffers hearing loss, double vision and migraines to this day.

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