Every March, Brain Injury Awareness Month is observed in the hopes of preventing dangerous traumatic brain injuries. Known as the silent epidemic, brain injuries affect millions of Americans – but you’d never know it. Since many traumatic brain injuries don’t appear outwardly dangerous or serious, they can go largely unnoticed by friends, family and even by the victim themselves – hence the need for an awareness month.

Brain injuries can occur in an instant and last a lifetime. Though we most frequently hear about traumatic brain injuries in athletes, you don’t have to be a professional football player to be at risk of injury. Even minor blows to the head from slips and falls can seriously impact a person’s brain for the rest of their lives. Concussions were once dismissed as “getting your bell rung,” but scientists and doctors now know that there’s no brain damage too small.

How can you and your loved ones stay safe and prevent brain injuries? It’s easier than you might expect. When you’re driving, buckle up – many more victims are injured in car accidents than they ever are on the football or soccer fields. When roads, sidewalks or floors are icy or wet, take it slow. Everything bit of extra precaution can prevent a dangerous slip or fall. These kinds of incidents are the leading cause of traumatic brain injuries. Finally, invest in a good helmet for whatever sport you partake in. Whether you’re a cyclist or a quarterback, protecting your head is of utmost importance.

The scariest part of brain injuries is how little we actually know about treating them. Though treatment is possible, for many people with serious traumatic brain injury, there is only so much to be done about their long-term condition. That’s why prevention is so vital.

Virginia Brain Injury Attorney – Richard J. Serpe

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