When he was two years old, Chauncey Freeman was poisoned while living in an apartment in Norfolk, Virginia. After several routine check-ups at the Health Department, he and his mother were sent home with no instructions for follow-up.

As time went by, Chauncey fell further behind his siblings and classmates. He was pronounced learning disabled and given medication for ADHD. Nothing seemed to help, and as Chauncey got older and failed out of school, his family struggled to understand why a charming and upbeat kid could have such a hard time “getting it.”

Chauncey’s mother contacted our law firm seeking help in determining whether Chauncey’s childhood poisoning could have caused the problems he lived with every day. Despite the challenge of almost 20 years passing since the poisoning, our firm took on the case, and flew Chauncey around the country to experts to investigate the nature of his brain injury. Through sophisticated testing and assessment, supported by hundreds of hours pouring over medical journals, we were able to prove that the verbal processing portions of Chauncey’s brain had lost over 99% of their capacity.

The insurance company for the landlords refused to pay fair compensation despite the devastating injuries.  Furthermore, there was substantial evidence of code violations existing at Chauncey’s apartment when the poisoning occurred.  Our firm knew the case had to be tried.  During a long and complex trial, our firm’s attorneys convinced a jury that the apartment complex was responsible for the injuries which Chauncey sustained.  The jury saw through the apartment company’s defenses with the evidence we presented to them and awarded a generous $1,500,000.00 verdict in favor of Chauncey.

Living with the permanent effects of a brain injury continues to challenge Chauncey. Our firm assisted him in setting up a trust and other financial protections to protect his compensation. We are privileged to have helped him, and to remain part of his life after his case concluded.