Do you know someone with a brain injury? Such injuries can seriously devastate someone’s life—and it’s important to be aware of, and up-to-date on, brain injuries and how they can affect their victims.

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month. This month is meant to shed light on and examine brain injuries, which currently affect more than 5,300,000 Americans. Brain injuries or traumatic brain injures (TBIs) are caused by bumps on or collisions with the head, which disrupt the brain’s normal everyday functions. Car accidents, explosions and gunshot wounds are some of the countless ways in which an individuals brain can be injured. Our veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars have suffered TBIs in astonishing amounts—well over 300,000, or between ten and twenty percent of our troops, have been diagnosed with TBIs. This is a problem that affects an enormous amount of people on an everyday basis.

As a traumatic brain injury lawyer, I know how important it is to recognize, be aware of and study traumatic brain injures in our society; there are simply too many of these injuries affecting too many people for us to ignore the issue. If you’ve acquired a traumatic brain injury, it’s important to be aware of how to treat it; it’s also important to be aware of your legal rights and rights to compensation in such an event.