If you think you have suffered only a “minor” brain injury, it’s still worth it to get the injury looked at—head injuries which appear unserious can actually be fatal.

Many people have a fall, a sports-related head injury or a car accident, and they walk away with a simple headache, thinking that their injury is nothing to worry about. Not so, claim scientists; you may have suffered from a “traumatic brain injury.” Several years ago, for example, an actress fell during a ski lesson, appeared to be perfectly fine, and ended up dying a short while later due to a brain injury.

The terrible nature of these injuries is that folks simply may not know that they have them. A person may not feel anything, but the injury can be putting pressure on the brain, slowly increasing it until blood flow is reduced to the brain and the patient begins to show symptoms, at which time it may tragically be too late.

Some medications can increase the risk of brain hemorrhages, and a small bump on the head can lead to serious injury and even death. Some patients can feel normal for multiple days before showing symptoms; after a head injury, doctors suggest monitoring victims closely to make sure no symptoms arise, and if there are any symptoms or changes in behavior, then the patient should receive a CAT scan immediately.

As a traumatic brain injury lawyer, I know how terrible these injuries can be, and I know how important it is to ensure that everyone receives adequate medical care and inspection after even the most minor of head bumps and injuries. Nobody should wait until it is too late to be inspected for these types of injuries—your life or the life of your loved one may depend on it.