Concussions and other head trauma could be more easily diagnosed thanks to a new test recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The Banyan Brain Trauma Indicator was recently announced as the latest approved test for brain trauma. If successfully used, the test could eliminate as many as one third of all CT scans currently necessary to diagnose brain trauma. Because such scans expose patients to radiation, the Banyan brain trauma indicator is a clearly better alternative. The test has significant ramifications for the medical and sports world.

Concussion Diagnosis

Traditionally, diagnosing head injuries has been done through neurological testing and CT scans. These require a trip to the doctor, multiple tests and, above all else, time. In many cases, people do not take their head injuries seriously enough. Symptoms do not always show up right away, and so many fail to get checked out in the immediate aftermath of a blow to the head. This new test could possibly be used in the field, which would make checking for concussions quicker and easier than ever before.

Changing Attitudes

Not everyone has taken concussions seriously in the past. Frequently dismissed as “getting your bell rung,” it wasn’t until recently that scientists fully understood the severe damage that can be done when a person is struck in the head. Unlike other more evident injuries, brain injuries often do not make themselves known for weeks or even months after the fact. As science has evolved, though, more and more people are taking traumatic brain injuries seriously. Even the NFL has begun pledging millions of dollars to studying CTE.

Virginia Brain Injury Lawyers

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