The NFL will sponsor new research about recovery from brain injuries. The study will look at injuries sustained by high school football and rugby players in the United States, Australia and Ireland. Scientists hypothesize that active rehabilitation will help people with brain injuries recover more quickly.

Athletes are often told to take it easy after a head injury – to avoid stimulation like light and to rest for a while. Some doctors argue, however, that not all head injuries should be treated equally. In fact, they claim some brain injuries may respond more quickly to different kinds of therapy. This hypothesis is what researchers will test in the studies funded by the NFL.

The NFL obviously stands to gain big from this research. Less recovery time for their star athletes means more power on the football field. Generally, though, this research could help assuage concern for football players young and old. Many parents of student athletes worry about the long-term effects contact sports can have on youngsters. If therapy proves useful, or if players don’t need as much recovery time as initially thought, more athletes young and old can benefit.

Though this research is a good start, so much is left unknown about how brain injuries effect us. Better to be safe than sorry. Always encourage your young football players to wear the proper safety gear and to recognize the signs of a brain injury. Discuss any concerns you might have with your child’s coach and make sure they’re aware of potential head injuries on the field.

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