When you hear the term traumatic brain injury, where does your mind go?

For many, the phrase brings to mind burly NFL players smacking their helmets against their opponents. For others, they picture soccer players heading the ball towards a teammate or goal. But new data is causing many people to rethink what they thought they knew about traumatic brain injuries and their causes.

The Centers for Disease Control has published their findings on brain injury related emergency room visits for the years 2007 through 2013. In 2013 alone, there were more than 2 million ER visits for head injuries. More than 50,000 people succumbed to head injuries that year.

Most revealing are the common causes of the injuries. Slips, trips and falls were the number one reason why victims suffered brain injuries. Car accidents and being struck by an object were two other common causes.

One of the most revealing portions of the data showed a disturbing growing trend: the increased rate of older adults experiencing brain injuries after slipping and falling. The report called the need for older Americans to receive help in avoiding such accidents “critical.” Protecting their health and independence is crucial.

Since March is Brain Injury Awareness Month, we’re especially tuned into this need. Too often, sports stars – not grandparents – are the face of such campaigns. But in our own daily lives, there’s a far greater chance that an older loved one will experience a serious brain injury in their own home than our kids will on the field. Spread the word about the dangers of brain injuries to the loved ones in your life – young and old.

Virginia Brain Injury Lawyers

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