A new report from the Centers for Disease Control has recommendations for parents of children suffering from traumatic brain injuries. Their findings suggest that the actions taken by parents immediately following a child’s blow to the head can dramatically impact the long-term prognosis. In order to mitigate the worst of the damage, parents should take the following steps:


It is critical for parents to recognize when their child may have suffered a traumatic brain injury, or TBI. Not all injuries lead to open wounds or serious pain. Closed head injuries occur all the time, especially in car accidents. Though the brain slams into the front of the skull, there is rarely any blood or other outward sign of problems. Instead, symptoms can take weeks and even months to appear.


Not every blow to the head requires hospitalization, but parents should do all they can to monitor their child’s mood and behavior following the accident. By keeping a close eye on the development of any symptoms, parents can catch the brain injury in its tracks. Anyone concerned about their child’s health should always seek out medical attention.


A team of doctors and nurses can help parents care for their children after a head injury. Kids often need ongoing, monitored care coordinated by their parents. By working with the child’s teacher, school and doctors, parents can set their child up for the most successful future possible.

By following all three of the above methods, parents can mitigate the worst damage done by brain injuries.

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