We often hear about the damage contact sports like football causes the brain. Much more common, however, are brain injuries caused by car accidents. These injuries can be deceiving, as they often do not show symptoms until long after the initial incident occurred. And unlike athletes with traumatic brain injuries, we don’t wear protective head gear when behind the wheel. Seat belts and air bags are life savers, but should your head hit the dashboard, you could be even more seriously injured than you expected.

Closed Head Injuries

Many traumatic brain injuries are considered to be closed head injuries. This means that the injury occurred within the head, with no outward signs of trauma. With no blood, scars or other indicators of injury, many concussions get dismissed too easily. What’s happening inside the head is much scarier. A closed head injury means that the brain has forcefully struck the inside of the skull.

Symptoms Can Be Misleading

Brain injuries can be misleading in their symptoms, too. Physical symptoms like fatigue and headaches can be easily explained away by not getting enough sleep or caffeine. Cognitive symptoms like struggling with multitasking or short-term memory loss are also rarely taken seriously on their own. Emotional symptoms like depression, anxiety or impulsive behaviors can be confused for other mental health issues.

Don’t Delay Treatment

If you’ve been in a car accident and experience any of these kinds of symptoms, seek medical assistance immediately. Even if you’re sure you don’t have a serious injury, it’s best to get checked out by a doctor who can spot TBI and help you recover and treat the symptoms. Don’t hesitate – seeing a doctor could save your life

Virginia Brain Injury Lawyer – Richard Serpe

On a case by case basis, Richard Serpe confers with America’s most distinguished experts in brain function and physiology, to help create a case structure that brings each victim’s unique experience into sharp focus. Using years of hard-won experience and superior command of the law, he has brought justice and fair treatment to those whose lives have been altered by a brain injury. If you’ve sustained a brain injury in any kind of accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, contact Richard Serpe to discuss your legal rights.