There are few things in life more exciting than the addition of a new baby. Unfortunately, though, not all babies are delivered with the care and attention necessary for good health. When a doctor or nurse fails to provide adequate care, infants can suffer brain injuries at birth. Tragically, such injuries can impact a child for the rest of their life.

New parents have a lot to learn, but those with babies suffering traumatic brain injuries need to be knowledgeable about even more health risks than the average parent. Keep these in mind if your child has TBI:

Monitor development closely.

Any time a baby fails to reach certain developmental milestones, a red flag is raised about the child’s abilities. While all parents should watch out for such red flags, they are especially important for parents of babies suffering from brain injuries. Any new symptoms or developmental delays should be reported to the doctor as soon as possible to determine if intervention is possible.

Injuries don’t need to be severe for you to file a claim.

Many families assume that because the injuries their child suffered at birth aren’t “that bad” means they aren’t justified in pursuing legal action against negligent doctors and nurses. While it’s true that the headline-making settlements of millions of dollars usually only apply to severe cases, plenty of families seek claims on behalf of infants who suffered even relatively minor brain injuries at birth. The reality is that many will not fully understand the potential impact brain injuries can have on a child until months or years after birth, so it pays to do your homework and speak with an attorney.

Take action sooner rather than later.

Once a child turns eighteen, their chance to pursue compensation for birth injuries may be gone. Anyone worried about the impact their child’s brain injury might have on their future should consult with a lawyer about when to file a lawsuit. They can help you understand statutes of limitations and your options for recompense.

Finding the Best Lawyer for Your Brain Injury Case

In order to succeed in a claim for brain injury, our lawyers understand the legal rights of our clients in the most effective claims to bring on their behalf. Failing to hire an experienced brain injury lawyer right away can be a big mistake. There are important steps which can be taken together with crucial evidence concerning both legal rights and the nature and extent of brain injury. Without this evidence, success on the case can be made difficult or impossible. We encourage you to contact us to discuss your case with us. Setup a free consultation today 877-544-5323.