Parents and youth coaches should be on the forefront of reducing children’s brain injuries, according to a recent article at BrainlineKids.

As the author makes clear, adults need to take the lead in ensuring that children do not suffer devastating brain injuries, which can affect kids for a lifetime. Some of the key efforts that adults can make include educating themselves on the risks and signs of concussions, developing plans to manage brain injuries should they occur, and ensuring that children do not return to potentially-dangerous sports activities after a brain injury without first seeking medical advice.

It is particularly important to learn the signs and symptoms of a brain injury; if you’re not familiar with how a concussion “looks,” for instance, then you may not properly treat it before it causes lasting damage to a child. The Center for Disease Control offers valuable resources for parents and adults to learn what symptoms follow a brain injury or concussion; it is important for anyone in charge of children to be aware of these signs.

As a personal brain injury attorney, I know how awful these injuries can be—how they can seriously impede a child’s ability to function both in the short and the long term. I fully support the efforts of various advocacy groups and medical organizations to further awareness of brain injuries and concussions, and reduce the awful effects they can have on young people. We should be taking care to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all children—and that includes protecting them from brain injuries, which can last a lifetime.