1. Don’t assume that if you are only experiencing mild problems after a TBI, that you are “out of the woods.”

According to the CDC, individuals who sustain a concussion, including those who are not hospitalized or do not receive medical care, may experience long term problems.

2. Don’t rely on an MRI or other radiological report to rule out a TBI.

According to consensus research including the CDC, many people who sustain TBI’s have “normal” MRI’s and other brain scans. The typical brain studies available in most hospitals lack the power to detect a significant portion of TBI’s. Specialized studies at research hospitals have demonstrated the these significant brain injuries can be shown with specialized advanced equipment not yet generally available in the US. Getting an MRI or brain scan following a TBI is important. Any positive findings will need to be responded to immediately by your physician. However, stay vigilant for the possible effects of a TBI even if the MRI report was read as normal!

3. Don’t ignore new symptoms that develop weeks or months after a concussion or other TBI.

It is well documented that there can be an onset of new symptoms for weeks or months following a brain injury. Clients have developed significant problems such as confusion, memory loss, headaches, vertigo and seizures after an extended period of time. Reporting these new symptoms to a skilled brain injury doctor can assist you in getting prompt treatment for these serious effects of a TBI.

4. Don’t underestimate the likelihood that any existing psychological problems will worsen.

Many TBI victims that had a previous problem with depression and other conditions experience a significant worsening of their symptoms. It is clear in the medical literature that these prior problems make victims exquisitely susceptible to the effects of a TBI. Make sure your counselor or physician, from whom you have obtained previous assistance for these problems, is aware of your TBI and any worsening symptoms.

5. Don’t wait to get legal help from the best brain injury lawyer available.

If you believe that your TBI was caused by someone else’s fault, get help immediately. Because of the risks associated with TBI, insurance companies for responsible defendants fight these cases hard. You have challenges facing you on many levels, including obtaining the best medical help, paying for it, dealing with insurance companies, and coping with all of that with impaired brain function. If you are out of work temporarily or permanently, the financial pressures mount quickly. Taking aggressive steps to protect your rights with a highly qualified brain injury lawyer can make the difference between recovering for your loss, and no compensation at all.

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