Wrongful Death Brain Injury Cases

If you’ve lost a loved one after an accident that someone else caused, you may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit. While no amount of money can ever change what has happened, a wrongful death lawsuit can help alleviate expenses as well as provide financial protection and care to family members.

If it can be shown that another person was liable, Virginia provides a special law called the Wrongful Death Act which provides a frame work to provide certain family members for the losses they have suffered from these deaths. You may want to high an experienced wrongful death attorney to help you with this. They will have trained investigators who can assess the accident scene, interview witnesses, and preserve crucial evidence.

In addition, financial awards in wrongful death cases are designed to compensate the survivors for their loss. Loss can be felt in many ways – from financial to emotional.

  • If anyone relied on the injured person’s income (such as children or a spouse), an award can be made to compensate for those lost wages.
  • If anyone relied on the injured person for support, such as a stay-at-home parent who provided child care and homemaking services, a financial award can be made to hire those services.
  • In some states, the loss of a parent can be compensated since the child has lost valuable protection and guidance.
  • In some states, adults can be compensated for loss of companionship.

Who can bring an action?

In most states, immediate family members and legal dependents will be eligible for some type of compensation. In some states, and depending on the circumstances, other family members, such as siblings or grandparents, may be eligible.

Families and loved ones can be overwhelmed with grief, and in some cases, huge medical costs and financial uncertainty. Put your mind at ease by speaking with a compassionate attorney as soon as you can.

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